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Claudia Bahri Shamo

REALTOR® | Associate Broker

Residential & Commercial Real Estate
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Selling real estate in today's market demands hard work, professionalism, compassion, honesty, dedication, and a thorough understanding of current market trends—qualities that only an experienced, full-time Realtor® and Associate Broker can offer. You've come to the right place. I am committed to going above and beyond to ensure your real estate buying or selling experience is a pleasant one.


21 Years As a Top Agent

Centurion Award
President’s Award
Pinnacle Award
Masters Diamond
Masters Emerald
Masters Ruby


"We used Claudia before on two past real estate transactions. We felt comfortable with her and knew we could trust her to help find a new home for our family. We were moving an hour away from Sterling Heights and she was happy to accompany us. We were looking for a pretty specific setup with our new  home and we had trouble finding what we were looking for. She talked us out of "settling" on a home that she knew was not right for us and said "if it means we drive out there every day until we find you the perfect home, that's what we will do". Claudia is truly concerned about her clients' needs and that they are happy with the home they choose, no matter the circumstances. I would recommend her 1000% to anyone looking to buy or sell, she knows the market, is very professional and our family loves her!"

— Jodi

"Great agent! I have had to deal with a few different agents in finding our first home. I thought I was honestly going to give up after 9 long months of searching. I was referred to Claudia by a co-worker and she made this process fun and successful. I found our perfect dream home in no time at  all. I only wish my co-worker would have suggested her sooner. A+++ Professional Agent."

— Vince

"Thanks to Claudia, my experience of selling my home was a truly pleasant and rewarding journey. From the first meeting, she brought a level of remarkable insight and showed genuine interest in helping me obtain the most amount of money in my pocket. Throughout the process, Claudia accommodated my busy schedule. She wisely directed me every step of the way, giving me advice and, quite frankly, handling all the details that I just couldn’t have done. My house was sold within the first week and for more money than I ever anticipated. Her communication was flawless and at any given time, I always knew I could call, text or email her and get an immediate response. After the closing, she helped me find my perfect dream home for an incredible price. She remained in contact and assisted me in everything I needed to establish my new home. I am a professional and I have immense respect for Claudia – she is first class in every regard."

— Danny

"Claudia represented us in the purchase of a Commercial Business in the Metro Detroit area. After several long distance conversations she correctly understood our needs and desires. She clearly understands the value of listening to her clients and reacting accordingly. As a businesswoman, I appreciated her skill and expertise. Her negotiation skills and willingness to put in the extra effort resulted in a great value based purchased that fully meets our needs. My wife and I highly recommend Claudia to others."

— May

"It was a great pleasure to work with Claudia to find our new home in Troy from start to finish. Her market knowledge is broad throughout the area and her professionalism is top notch. You will not find another agent as courteous, polite, and honest such as Claudia. Her speed of execution of all things pertaining to your real estate buying experience will astound you. Claudia will also impress you with her effective negotiation skills to save you the most money possible. She truly had our best interests at heart during the entire process. I would recommend her to anyone looking to be represented by a highly talented, well organized individual who will remain committed to until the transaction has closed and beyond."

— Steve

"Claudia excelled in two critical areas: negotiations, and responsiveness. She was able to negotiate a higher sales price than was offered, and her responsiveness throughout the process was outstanding. She ALWAYS answered within the hour regardless of time, day (including weekends), even from vacation. Hard working agent, you will not be disappointed. I did not know her prior, just got lucky!"

— Kevin

"Claudia was wonderful right from the start. She was so helpful, setup an open house right away. She communicated with me each and every time I had a question. To be honest, she was just great. I couldn't have asked for a better agent. She negotiated the better deal anyone could have asked for."

— Barbara